What is Cypress.io?

Cypress.io is an end-to-end testing framework, compared to the others I have used it is really easy to install, write and run automated tests.

It’s the latest competition for Selenium, which everyone will have heard of even if you are new to the world of automation testing… and personally I have to say it’s much better!

I have heard a number of people ask how is it any different, well...

What are the benefits to using Cypress.io?

  1. Cypress does not use Selenium
    When looking at majority of the test frameworks available you will see that they use the Selenium WebDriver. Cypress.io does not, it has been developed with brand new architecture from scratch.
  2. Tests are written in one language, JavaScript
    Cypress.io selected JS because it is a well-known language within the development environment, but ultimately because it can be executed within the browser itself.
  3. Run’s completed faster
    Because Cypress.io has been re-developed from scratch, they have been able to ensure you can create TDD full end-to-end tests which chance be executed in parallel.
  4. Reliable results
    After using both Selenium & Cypress.io, I have seen a much more consistent runs from Cypress.io. Selenium produced much more random failures in my experience.

They are just a couple of the reasons you may want to implement the Cypress.io framework for your end-to-end automation test cases.

What are the main features of Cypress.io?

  • Time Travel
  • Automatic Waiting
  • Debuggability
  • Screenshots & Videos
  • Consistent Results
  • Network Traffic Control
  • Spies, Stubs, & Clocks
  • Real Time Reloads

AuthorShaun Swales

Web developer turned QA Software Engineer.